Pusat Sumber Bestari Sekolah Tuanku Abdul Rahman Ipoh is one of the most active organization which contributes a lot to the school. As a professional organization, we also need our own badge as the school prefect to present our identity for the public.

Badge History

  Pusat Sumber Bestari's badge was inspired on 2011. By the agreement of Tuan Haji Hashim Bin Abdul Karim, excellent principle of STAR, Dr. Mior Hamdan Bin Haji Ghazali, senior assistant and Miss Ainun Maziah Binti Abdul Rahman, GPM then only these badge was produced as the librarians' badge of Pusat Sumber Bestari. These badge was inspired, designed and proposed by Mohammad Fazrul Amin Bin Ramlee, vice president 2 2011 of Pusat Sumber Bestari, Blue House, Batch 52

  1. present our identity as a librarian of Pusat Sumber Bestari
  2. intensify Pusat Sumber Bestari's image
  3. foster a sense of proudness become a librarian among the librarians of Pusat Sumber Bestari
  4. to facilitate teachers and students to identify libriarians especially on Friday

Badge Design

Colour And Design Motiff
  • Silver represent sincerity and determination among the librarians to intensify Pusat Sumber Bestari's image and personality
  • Red represent braveness and be ready to face all the tasks, challenges and obstructions in idea to put Pusat Sumber Bestari as one of the most active organization
  • Word 'Librarian' in English language is use in line with school's niche area which emphasize application of English language, indirectly easier to be understood by everyone.
  • Shield means the strength to improve and maintain Pusat Sumber Bestari's resource center grading on the top.
  • Sekolah Tuanku Abdul Rahman badge shows the membership of Pusat Sumber Bestari on the school.

  1. this badge will remains as the only one Pusat Sumber Bestari's badge for ever.
  2. it's forbidden to change badge on the future
  3. all librarians of Pusat Sumber Bestari must ware this badge
  4. Warden Council is allowed to punish the librarians those who don't ware this badge
  5. librarians of Pusat Sumber Bestari are not allowed to give or borrow this badge to the other students
  6. librarians of Pusat Sumber Bestari must keep this badge safety
  7. GPM and high council committee of Pusat Sumber Bestari have right to take any actions to any librarians who not obey the above laws
  8. this badge only for Pusat Sumber Bestari
  9. Laws effect start on 2012

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